.Less a Building
.Disjunction - Sky
.Disjunction - Earth
.An open pergola
.Glass house
.A crystal geometry
.The path that runs across
.Fixed framework
.Team building exercise
.1964 series
.Star charts
.Pattern Completion
.La Garrotxa
.Fedora / Flight
.Under Skies


.A Failed Entertainment
.a-n News
.Gusmão + Paiva
.Hilary Lloyd
.New to Nature
.Die Urpflanze

.Un/Folding Space
.Designs for a glass
tetrahedron – Part II

.Designs for a glass
tetrahedron – Part I

.Reside Residency



07.15 Yuri Pattison: "There needs to be more knowledge sharing within the London art community"
03.15 Melanie Manchot: "We defined the aesthetic framework together but the content is theirs"
08.14 Residency for not making art: "People had trouble understanding it at first"
07.14 Field Broadcast: How to communicate the incommunicable nature of a landscape
06.14 A response to Hogarth: "I'm thinking about progress as a concept"
05.14 Tweet the dawn: online artwork, please RT
02.14 Derek Jarman: "He was shy and proper, radical and subversive"
01.14 Delfina Foundation: new artists' house feels like a home
04.13 Bermondsey Artists' Group: "It's about being open to possibility"
03.13 Alex Hetherington: "What is modern Edinburgh? What is Edinburgh film?"
02.13 Vantage Art Prize: a new Departure for artist-led activity
02.13 Artists and collaboration: "Delicate negotiations were most enjoyable part"
02.13 Summit in Hackney Wick: "We want to keep things loose and open"
01.13 Vivid Projects: How long will they last?
01.13 UK's first centre for book arts opens
12.12 Residency puts collaboration on firm footing
10.12 Surviving in the city: Conjunction 12
10.12 Changing landscapes: Robin Tarbet at Black Swan Arts
10.12 Coliseum of the Consumed: Grizedale Arts at Frieze Art Fair
09.12 Wild New Territories
09.12 The UK's first street artist?
09.12 Journey's end for Nowhereisland
07.12 Deptford X 2012
07.12 Slow Boat to London
06.12 Artworks re-connect a fragmented city